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William Halsey William Halsey - champion jump jockey 1895

Sherry Scott MBE - our president has been working in the industry for over 35 years.  Sherry has always had a passion for animals.  Sherry’s great, great uncle, William Halsey, was champion jump jockey in 1895, and this love of equestrianism has passed down many generations and is still a strong influence in the family.

Our History – How it all started

After a fall in which Sherry broke her back, and was told she would not walk again, she began to research physiotherapy equipment.  Sherry used this equipment to rehabilitate herself back to full mobility, much to the doctor’s amazement!  Back on horseback, Sherry began to think about how she could help horses and all animals with their physical problems.  At this time animal physiotherapy was unheard of.  From this day forward Sherry has been highly instrumental in the development of physiotherapy for competition and companion animals and has worked very hard with vets and related organisations to create what is now a thriving industry.

Sherry Scott Sherry Scott in the early days outside Tyringham Hall

In 1982 Sherry created her former company Animal Therapy Ltd (now the College of Animal Physiotherapy Ltd) and shortly after, her son Fred Lawrence came aboard. This company has been responsible for the training of the majority of non human based animal physiotherapists in the UK and many abroad. In 1990 Sherry identified the need for an association for those working in animal physiotherapy and so founded The National Association of Animal Therapists (NAAT) and its global counterpart The International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT).  In 2003 IAAT opened its membership to UK members and Fred took over as chairman.

It used to be the case that we trained one or two students a year on an apprenticeship basis.  However, due to the high demand, in 2000 we started to develop our course.  In 2003 we had our first intake of students. Shortly after, we were awarded accreditation by The Open and Distance Quality council (ODLQC).

In 2007 we changed our name to The College of Animal Physiotherapy as we felt this was more descriptive and appropriate due to the way our company was developing.  We now have students and past students all over the world and we continue to develop and strengthen our course and recognition. 

Over the years we have been very involved with the development of physiotherapy equipment, specifically for animals.  We manufacture the Magnetopulse and the Electrovet as part of our range and the specifications of these machines have been tailored to suit animals.  Further development and review of physiotherapy equipment is an ongoing side of our business.

Life as an Animal Physiotherapist

Life as an Animal Physiotherapist involves working under Veterinary referral to provide treatment and rehabilitation for animals. Animal Physiotherapy is an exciting and rewarding career. The most essential requirement is that you have a natural affinity with animals. find out more

Why Train with Us?

We are the original route of training for animal physiotherapy. In the past couple of years, some new courses have come to the market. So why should you choose to train with us? find out more

We currently have over 200 students worldwide.

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